Cannondale CAAD10 4 (2012)

Ever since I picked up a road bike from Craiglist in June 2019, I have come to love cycling. If I'm not working, then I'm usually cycling around...

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Join me (and others!) on our weekly morning rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays from Wallach Fountain at the Promontory Point (Hyde Park). You can find the details on ChasingWatts.

Favourite routes

Click on the destination name to get the relevant Garmin route that starts in Hyde Park. I'll be adding more to this list as I find time ;)

Destination Distance Tips
Lakeshore Front 62km/39miles
  • A full lap of the Lakeshore Front Trail - can get busy (and dangerous!) north of downtown.
  • Try the Lollypop segment, lovely tarmac there!
  • You can get to the Montrose Harbor Beach Beacon by going on the path to the south of W Montrose Harbor Dr (route).
  • Best view of the city from the south is just by the Adler Platarium (here).
  • You can go around the Northerly Island Park from Adler Platarium (route)!
  • Best view of the city from the north is here.
  • Evanston (CW, CCW) 68km/42miles
  • CW: North through downtown and coming back via the Lakeshore Front (avoiding the busy northern part).
  • CCW: All the way up Lakeshore Front first and coming back through downtown (better for early morning rides when fewer people are on the Lakeshore Front).
  • A few cafe stops in Evanston (e.g., Pete's Coffee).
  • Glencoe 95km/59miles
  • Argentinian ice ream @ FRIO Gelato. Try the "SAMBAYƓN" flavour.
  • Sheridan Rd after Evanston is a great road to cycle (and you'll see lots of cyclists).
  • Don't forget to take a photo of Baha'i.
  • Route ends at Hometown cafe in Glencoe.
  • Slightly off route but another great ice cream place: Graeter's in Hubbard Woods.
  • If you've time, visit the Chicago Botanic Garden. Bike racks at the entrance.
    Calumet Park 32km/20miles+
  • Circle around the park for interval training.
  • Don't forget to check out the pristine tarmac just south of Calumet Park.
  • Big Marsh 48km/30miles
  • Fast route
  • Can smell a bit on S. Stony Island Av due to the landfill nearby but totally worth it!
  • You can connect this route with Wolf Lake: route (67km/42miles)
  • Wolf Lake 56km/35miles
  • State Line Road runs right over the IL/IN state border!
  • Stop off at Grindhouse Cofee in Whiting.
  • If you like a (short, punchy) climb, check out the Casino climb.
  • Wicker Park (Indiana) 80km/50miles
  • If you get stuck at the rail crossing just south of Calumet River, you can always use the over-bridge.
  • If need to stop half way, there's 18th Street Brewery. Has nice outdoor seating!
  • The route turns loops back at Sip Coffee House, a great lunch/coffee stop.
  • If you want (self-pour) beers instead, go check out Brewfest (a couple of blocks north of Kennedy Av from Sip Coffee). The owner (Evan) is amazing!
  • Munster Donut (turn off South onto Calumet Av) has amazing donuts.
  • Griffith 89km/55miles
  • You can find the other Grindhouse Cafe in Griffith.
  • Two Brewries: Wildrose and New Oberpfalz.
  • Griffith town holds market/events.
  • Crown Point 115km/72miles
  • Once you're in Crown Point, you can find the other Sip Coffee House, an amazing Donut shop with an old bank vault full of comic things. You can also get amazing Latino food at Provincho.
  • EAST
    Hobart 115km/72miles
  • Check out the funky Librarium Cafe---a combination coffee shop/bakery and game store.
  • Grab some beers and lunch at Cafe 339.
  • You can also rest at Lakefront Park.
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